Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Fun of Games

Learning becomes fun if teachers use various ways of teaching. Students will learning in fun and won't feel bored while teacher is teaching. For instance, teacher teaches the eyes of different animals. Teacher can make the eyes masks to let them guess or let students match the animals's eyes in game. It will be fun and I am sure that students will engage in active. Here is a matching game that suitable for Year One students.

Animals's Eyes

Click on "the eyes" to briefly show the word, then click on the image.



  • How to Play the Game
    • Click on "the eyes" to briefly show the word.
    • Then click on the image that matches the word
    • If a green smiling face is shown, then you answered correctly.
    • If a red frowning face is shown, then you made a mistake. (The image that remains is the correct answer.)
  • Option
    • You can change the time the words are shown by using the - and + buttons.

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