Saturday, 17 December 2011

How to relieve your stress

Nowadays, the job load of teachers are increased day by day. Besides of teaching, teachers still need to do a lot of paper work. Many teachers feel stressed when they need to settle a lot of matters at the same time. Therefore, teachers need to know how to relieve stress easy, how to relieve anxiety fast and get quick stress relief. Here are some ways on how teachers can relieve the stress so that teachers are able to teaching in pleasant.

1. Exercise regularly
One easy way to reduce your stress is to exercise on a regular basis. This can be anything from taking a brisk walk everyday or going to a gym. However you decide to exercise, just make sure to be consistent. Exercise releases hormones that will actually help you feel better and take your mind off your work.

2. Take a moment of silence
Take at least 15-minutes everyday to do nothing -- absolutely nothing. Just take some quiet time to relax. Don't turn on the television. Don't turn on the computer. Just sit and relax by yourself. You might be surprised how a moment of silence can really help you alleviate your stress.

3. Practice deep breathing exercises
A simple way to reduce stress - no matter what's happening - is to practice deep breathing. Simply close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Take ten deep breaths (your breath in should be as long as your breath out). With each breath out think "relax."

4. Say "No"
Pick and choose your commitments wisely. Start saying "No" more often and you'll probably start freeing up more time for yourself. Do the things that you will enjoy and learn to turn down those things that stress you out.

5. Sleep well
With your hectic schedule of juggling work and school, it's essential to sleep well. Try to get at 7 to 8 hours every night so you'll always be at your best. You’ll be able to think more clearly – and you’ll feel better.

6. Eat healthy
Eating healthy is a key to feeling better. Avoid junk food and alcohol because the lack of proper nutrition can send your stress levels even higher.

7. Put things in perspective
The things and events in your life that seem huge now may not seem so important years from now. So keep things in perspective. Knowing this can often reduce your stress.

8. Get a hobby
A hobby is a great way to get your mind off your daily workload. So if you don't have a hobby, find something you like to do -- and make it a goal to pursue it weekly.

9. Confide in someone
Make sure you're sharing your feelings with your close friends. Use your support system to vent. Sometimes just sharing your feelings will help you deal with the stress you’re going through.

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