Tuesday, 13 December 2011

How to teach English well

I found that one of the problem that most of the students face are hard to remember all the vocabulary and the content that teacher teach in a lesson, especially the students of level one.  Some of them are really hard to remember the vocabulary or content even they are already try their best. In my opinion, I think that the reason that they are unable to remember well is they do not have the condition to speak or learn English. Most of them are speak in native language with their family members and friends. They are seldom using English in their daily life. So, teacher need to be more patient and prepare more teaching tools for every lesson such as flash cards, video, music or games so that they are interesting in learning English. For example, when teacher is teaching the meals in a day, teacher are able to show the different foods to students, show the pictures of foods or the video that releven to the topic with music. After that, teacher ask the students to repeat the name of foods are suitable to be breakfast, lunch or dinner. I believe that they will feel fun and able to remember the contents that teacher teach even they cant remember all the words but at least they know which foods are suitable to eat for different meals.  I think it is very useful and will help the students learn well.

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