Saturday, 17 December 2011

Class Organization Tips

Being well-organized will help teachers to conduct the teaching smoothly. In addition, creative organizational will help teachers toward efficiency. For me, I will use the attention code like "Hello˷˷˷˷" in a sing-song voice. For example, when I need their attention but they are doing their exercise, I will say "Hello˷˷˷". My students will stop to do everything and pay attention to listen to what I want to tell them. Sometimes, when we are discussing the interesting topic, students will feel ecstasy until they didn't noticed that they are already increase their volume. May be it will disturb the students at the next class. At this moment, I need to remind them to reduce their volume. So, I will say "Hello˷˷˷" to them. When they hear that, they will know what should they do. As a conclusion, teachers need to use the different and creative organizational so that teaching can become more enjoyable and students are able to learning enjoyable too.

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