Monday, 26 December 2011

How to help pupils to improve their English

There are many ways to help pupils to improve their English. Teachers are able to choose the suitable way to help them. For me, I will ask my pupils to speak English during the English lesson, if they do not know how to say the words, they can ask me directly. By this way, they will learn a lot of new vocabulary. It is hard for them if ask the pupils to recite the vocabulary and the meaning. It is useless because they will forget after few days. So, if they use those words in sentences, it is more easier to remember it. In addition, I will ask my pupils to repeat the content of topic that they learn on that day in simple sentences. It will train them to speak fluently. Sometimes, I also will ask my pupils to listen to me then repeat the content that I present. I wish that the ways that I use will help the pupils and other teachers.

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