Thursday, 15 December 2011

How to attract pupils's attention

I believe that most of the teachers are facing the same problem. That is some of the pupils cant pay attention during the lesson. Some of the pupils will doing another matters when teacher is teaching at the front. Why this matter keep happening? In my opinion, there are few reasons why it happened. First of all, may be the pupils are slept late before the day and cause them feel sleppy in the classroom. Second, may be the content is too hard or they are not interesting with the topic. Third, may be the friend sit beside them keep talking or disturbing them. These just are a part of the reason. So as a teacher, we should treat this problem seriously so that all the pupils are able to pay attention and learn well.

If the pupils are weak or not interesting in learning, teachers should be try to preapare the different tools and use the different ways to teach such as learning in the group, learning from the games, prepare the attractive pictures and explain the content with the simple way. The lesson will become more fun and able to attract their attention because almost all the pupils like to play. But teachers have to make sure that pupils are learn from the games. For example, when teacher teach the topic of "Harry Hare and The Tony Tortoise". Teacher are able to prepare the mask and ask pupils to have the role play. After that, teacher could ask the pupils to repeat the story again, comment with the role play and tell the moral value that they have learnt. It will be fun and pupils will enjoy it.

How to know that pupils are learn from the games?
Teachers could ask the pupils to repeat the content in the simple sentences or let them do the exercise so that teachers are able to know that the pupils have completely mastered the knowledge.

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